Join us to volunteer the work we are doing for the school and communities with some of our project. There is something for everyone.

If you belong to an organisation that has a passion for making a difference, why not come to Nepal and share your skills with the disadvantaged? AF Nepal is always looking for motivated people who are willing to raise funds and sponsor a project. For example you might choose to raise money to build a student friendly toilet and then come to Nepal to oversee and build that toilet. You might like to construct a school playground or paint an educational mural the opportunities are limitless. While you are in Nepal you will have the chance to share your expertise with the local people and have the satisfaction of seeing how your contribution is making a difference to the people in the village. If you can do the fundraising, AF Nepal will purchase the materials for your project.

If you have an idea for a project and/or are interested in helping disadvantaged communities, please feel free to contact AF Nepal.

Spread words

We are trying to expand our work and trying to reach to as many children and people as possible to bring difference in their life. You can help us get our goal simply by spreading the words and sharing the news about the work AF Nepal to your friends and families. Or by asking them join us on Facebook. The more people will know about our organisation, the more support we can gain to reach more children and people around the country.

You can also download the application form in the PDF format which you can download and print.

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